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Did you see the Fishmobile? That's our new(er) Fishmobile! Find out more here...

OK, let's start over...

Welcome to www.tenmorecasts.com...

. . . A website dedicated to people everywhere who just can't get enough fishing. People like us!

Our goal is to celebrate fishing. We like to fish and we like to meet new friends (and reacquaint ourselves with old friends). We want to share our love of fishing in Alaska with everyone we see on the road, along the rivers, and in every campground and parking lot in Alaska.

We want you to visit our site, and when you see the Fishmobile, you say, "Hey, I know those guys!"

What we have: We're all about having fun with fishing, even when we're not on the river. With that in mind, here are some of the things you'll find here on www.tenmorecasts.com

  • Links to important fishing resources, including sport fish counts, commercial escapement counts for sockeyes on the Kenai and Kasilof, Southcentral Alaska Fishing Regulations and other Alaska Department of Fish and Game links.
  • Links to Alaska Outdoor Journal, with fishing reports from sportsmen and women all over Alaska.
  • Links to Wigi's Alaska Weather Page, with weather information for Alaska.
  • The Official "Ten More Casts" rules.
  • Fishmobile photos and sightings, and opportunities for readers to post their sightings
  • and coming soon... maybe... the "Ten More Casts Store", with fun products from www.tenmorecasts.com.
  • What we don't have:

    We're not fishing guides, or even fishing experts, so we don't have any advice about where to fish or what to use... But that's why we have our fishing links, with lots of resources about Alaska fishing.

    Here's a hint, though... If you see The Fishmobile, there's a pretty good chance that there's good fishing nearby!

      I saw the

    Tell us where!

    Fishing Links:

    Alaska Outdoor Journal fish reports

    ADF&G Sport Fish Division

    Commercial Sockeye Counts (Kenai and Kasilof)

    Sport Fish Count Database

    Southcentral Alaska Regulations

    Wigi's Weather Page

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    Whitsett Travel

    Alaska Wilderness Travel


    Alaska Winter Vacation Packages



    Wanna contact us? email us at fishmobile (at) tenmorecasts.com