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My family has decided to make a concerted effort at fishing the PSEA Mat-Su Valley King Salmon Derby... and the first two questions we had were 1) Where can we check our fish, and 2) What are the hours of the checking stations?

The checking stations are listed on the Salmon Derby website, but the hours of operation are not... nor are the telephone numbers!

Since a lot of the biggest fish are caught late at night and early in the morning, this could be a big deal if you haul your fish to a checking station, only to find it closed! So, I called around and spoke with the people at the various checking stations, and I have gathered a partial list of checking stations, hours of operation and phone numbers.

Checking Stations
Location Hours of operation Phone Number Comments
Three Rivers Fly and Tackle 9AM-7PM - CLOSED SUNDAY (907) 373-5434  
Pt. MacKenzie General Store 5:30 AM-9 PM, 10 PM Friday and Saturday, 7AM-7PM Sunday (907) 373-0931
Deshka Landing 5AM-8PM (10 PM Friday)    
Sportsman's Warehouse 9AM 9 PM (7 PM Sunday) (907) 864-8000  
Sheep Creek Lodge 10 AM-10 PM (907) 495-6227  
MatSu RV Park 7AM 11 PM (Call first, early and late) (907) 495-6300 DO NOT call after hours... this is a family-run business, and you will wake the owner!
Montana Creek Campground 7 AM - 9 PM, but may be later if the fishing is good. (907) 733-5267  


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