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Everyone that fishes has done this.

You've been fishing for a while, and it is getting to be time to go home. So you decide you're going to leave, as soon as you do TEN MORE CASTS!

I bet you didn't know this, but there are rules. Here they are:

  1.  Anyone can declare 'Ten More Casts', provided:
    • He or she has a fishing rod in their hands at the time 'Ten More Casts' is declared, and has been fishing for at least 20 minutes,
    • He or she has casted within the last ten seconds, and
    • on the last cast, he or she did not get a bite or catch a fish.
  2. Immediately after declaring 'Ten More Casts', you must cast, and count out loud, starting with 'one'.
  3. Every cast you make counts, except in the following circumstances:
    • The caster false-casts.
    • The reel or line experiences a failure, such as a wind loop or failure of the bale to close properly.
    • You become tangled with a neighboring fisherperson.
    • Your line snags on the bottom, rocks, trees or other obstruction, either in the water or in the surrounding area.
    • A Bonaparte's Gull becomes entangled in your line while flying.
    • In each of these cases, the count continues with the next valid cast.
  4. When fishing for sockeye or pink salmon, and employing the "Russian River Flip", each 'flip' has a value of 1/2 of a cast.
  5. Your count is automatically reset to zero in the following circumstances:
    • If you change lures or bait.
    • If you get a bite.
    • If a neighboring fisherperson catches a fish.
    • If a neighboring fisherperson has a bite that results in loud splashing, an exclamation of the words "fish on", or any other unequivocal indication that he or she had a fish on the line.
    • if, while fishing for king salmon, a fish rolls near your drift, or downstream of your drift, indicating that more salmon are approaching.
    • If, while fishing for silver salmon, a silver salmon rolls near your drift, or downstream of your drift, indicating that more salmon are approaching.
    • If, while fishing for sockeye salmon, three fish roll within ten seconds, either near your drift or downstream of your drift, indicating that more salmon are approaching.
    • If your cell phone rings.
  6. If, after ten casts, none of the above circumstances have been met, the fisherperson earns Bonus Casts.
  7. The number of bonus casts earned depends on weather conditions, the number of people fishing, the number of people waiting for you to finish fishing, the time of sunset, the time of the closing of a fishery by regulation, and in tidal waters, the time of high and/or low tide. Also, the closing time of the nearest fast food restaurant, gas station or convenience store influences the ultimate number of bonus casts.
  8. If fishing with a spouse or significant other, he or she must have the same number of bonus casts as the fisherperson. If he or she stops fishing, and then comments about the fact that you are still fishing, the count is automatically reset to zero.


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