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In the summer of 2007, I was going out of town for a few days with a friend, and decided to rent a car so that my family wouldn't be stranded without a car for four days. When I called the car rental places, it was clear that it was going to cost about $500 to rent a car for the time I was going to be away. I decided to look into purchasing a cheap car for the family to drive for a few days, and then I could resell it after my trip.

A quick search of craigslist found a 1985 Toyota van for sale for $400. I drove over and test drove it, and purchased the van for cash.

Even though my intentions were good, the van broke down while I was away, and the family had to take taxis to work for a couple days.

After I got back home, a friend helped me get the van back on the road, and I drove it around for a bit. I realized that it was the perfect summer Alaskan vehicle - lots of room to haul stuff, removable seats, and it actually got pretty good gas mileage. We started taking the van on our fishing expeditions, and while it wasn't mechanically perfect - the van tended to overheat, so we ran the heater all the time - it was fun to drive. Plus, it was old, and rusty, and had no resale value.

We decided to turn it into a fishing billboard.

Important Fishmobile Features: We wanted the van to look good, but if you looked at it up close, you would know it was a very amateurish job.
The word 'Fishmobile' is done in white spray paint (and done backwards on the front of the van, so it is readable in a rearview mirror).
Every time we catch a salmon, we put a homemade salmon sticker on the van. Each family member has a part of the van where their stickers go, so you can see which of us has caught the most fish.
When we find lures while fishing, we stick them in the front grille of the van. And hanging from the antenna is the drift rig that we used to catch the first king salmon of the year.

We've actually addressed most of the van's mechanical problems, so now it is actually in pretty good shape. We put a new radiator it in, so it doesn't overheat. So now we're on the road! Watch for us!


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